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A German living in Singapore


Registered “back then”. I think around 1993.


Most of the photos shown here are “by-products” from just dragging a camera along. For this site I edited the photos to a 16:9 aspect ratio. So if your screen is 16:9 as well setting your browser to full screen (F11 on Windows and most Linux systems) will get you perfect slide shows!

I do not have much sympathy for photos which are planned down to the last detail, often with the help of a substantial staff. In such an industrial product the thrill of catching the right moment can only be a fake.

The excitement to make the best out of an unexpected situation is the driving force behind most of my photos. I like to have some equipment with me to be halfway prepared for whatever might show up. That’s the reason I mainly shoot on Micro Four Thirds: because of the portability I can always bring a “good” camera, even if I am cycling or hiking.


You can find lots of photos on my Facebook Page “Jenns Photography”. The photos are accessible without logging into Facebook.